I dig Alexa's Flash Briefing and I've been making hella skills for it. The thing is, it's missing a key feature: the current time. I don't own clocks or wear a watch, but I do call up my briefing 2-3 times a day.

What's weird is that, if you ask Alexa "what's up?" she'll give you the current time, the weather, your next calendar appointment, and some random news. It's a way better invocation name than Flash Briefing, but it's not promoted & you can't configure it like your Briefing.

So, with blergs in my heart, I set out to change this for all Alexins.

What it does

Generates a Flash Briefing feed with the current time for all four US timezones (ET, CT, MT, PT)

How I built it

Python + native date/time functions + pytz for timezone handling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I already got a ★★★★★ review. Hope you'll add one too! :)

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