💡 Inspiration

We were inspired by Lucy Edwards who has been very open about how she navigates life while being blind. Based in the UK, she has posted quite a few videos on the apps she uses to help herself, one of them being an app called Money Reader. We’re hacking from Singapore and we realised that there aren’t that many apps for the visually impaired to use here, so this is what we’ve come up with.

🔍 What it does

It helps the visually impaired differentiate their dollar notes.

🔧 How we built it

  • Teachable machine for training the model on images
  • Figma to plan the website
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub for version control and collaboration

We have made the app mobile responsive. It can be viewed on phone or desktop and is also available as a PWA!

🏃‍♂️ Challenges we ran into

  • We struggled to come up with an idea that we could find data for. While sites like Kaggle exist, the data we found for our initial idea was gotten from a small sample size. It was also hard to find some datasets because they just simply didn’t exist online.

🏅 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learnt about the teachable machine!
  • Created an app that (we hope) will help the visually impaired with daily activities.

🧠 What we learned

  • The visually impaired can cruise through life, they just need a little bit of help from app developers to make things more accessible.

⏭️ What's next for curren$ee

  • We are currently looking into coins.
  • We hope to able be able to accurately deduce multiple notes and coins and their total.
  • More functions that the visually impaired will possibly need.
  • Hopefully, create an application that can be used on all currencies.

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