We made this project to help people stay on track of their tasks, especially during quarantine. As students ourselves, we know how difficiult it is to stay on focus when you can spend your time so freely every day.

What it does

Curo is a dynamic planner that adjusts to your schedule by reading your appointments from google calendar and adjusting accordingly! You can input goals and minimum times, and Curo will fill in the free time with the things you wanted to do! Curo can also adjust to changes in your appointments, using an update goals feature, and dynamically adjust your planner no matter how much your schedule changes!

How we built it

Our github:

Challenges we ran into

Writing the algorithm necessary to correctly place times was very difficult, since there were many edge cases to consider and situations in which we would want to do an alternative scheduling strategy. In addition, Google's OAuth was difficult to get working initially but we found that using Firebase helped us a lot to get started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how we designed the algorithm, as well as the design of the website.

What we learned

How to integrate with Google's OAuth system and interact with the Google Calendar API, as well as improved our problem solving skills.

What's next for Curo

Implement more ways of distributing goals across a timespan.

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