It is difficult to navigate series of complex webs with links for Medicaid or related government Healthcare program.

Some of the problems are:

_Some state have their own program

_Different requirement for each state

_Sites with link to another sites with link to another sites

_Medicaid on non-expanded state

What it does

Curis eliminate complicate web of government sites and automatically redirect you to the program you eligible for.

Curis come with the following function :

1) Income Matching : Curis match your income with the federal poverty line requirement to see if you qualify for federal Healthcare.

2) State Sorting : Curis will automatically redirect you to to your state Health insurance sign up page.

3) Private Health Insurance Finder : Help you find the best private healthcare if you don’t qualify for federal program.

4) Non-Expanded Medicaid State Options : Offer other finder such Free Clinics Finder or Short-term Health Finder.

How we built it

Curis was build using Azure Health Bot which contain a customize scenario that I created. It was then hosted on an Azure App Services. Finally, the Health Bot is embedded in an Angular Web Application that is hosted on Azure Static Web App.

 Azure Reference Architecture for Curis

                      Figure 1. Azure Reference Architecture for Curis

Challenges we ran into

Some initial challenges I have is getting familiar with the Azure Health Bot platform and learn how to create my own scenario.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a Chat Bot capable of helping people find the lowest cost health insurance for them.

What we learned

I learn a lot about Azure platform such as creating a chat bot and hosting application on Azure.

What's next for Curis

Next step is to create dedicated portal for user to track their health insurance and functionality to help user track their healthcare enrollment status.

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