Gone are the days when parents have to stay awake to and worry their child making it home safely. With Curfewer, alerts are sent to the parent when the child arrives at home, if they break curfew, and where the child is located if curfew is broken. In addition to this, it sends alerts to the child when they should leave their location to be able to get home on time. This application is going to revolutionize interaction between the parent and the child by creating a trusting relationship and not invading the child’s privacy. The GPS location information is private to the child and is only used to determine how far away they are from home. This means that the parent cannot see their location unless the curfew has been broken. We built this application using Android Studio with the intent of going on to make an iOS version. For our team, this was the first major Android application we have ever developed and we are proud of its successful launch at the 2016 IncubateHOU hackathon.

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