Every year around 2.2M TB cases are seen in India and for the first time, 450k+ deaths happened in 2017 due to TB, putting India at No.1 place** in the list.

Secondly, in developing countries like India, the patients who are treated for typhoid, TB, cancer, pneumonia, jaundice etc... are at risk of recurrence due to poor or no medical advise given by the doctors after treatment on precautions, to-dos, don't-dos etc... This is due to lesser doctors to patients ratio and zero-knowledge among the patients for self-care for safe recovery.

What it does

CureSense hosts two parts: Disease Monitor & Support Community.

A. CureSense is an AI-powered diseases monitoring platform that works on Android mobile devices and helps people to screen for deadly diseases like Tuberculosis, Bradycardia, Deficiency etc... at an early stage.

B. CureSense Support Community is a place where medical students and authorized health professional take care of after-treatment patients for fast recovery and lesser recurrence of the disease.

Kin SDK + CureSense

Earn Opportunities:

  1. We motivates users to take TB and cardio tests frequently using Kin Earn Opportunities. This helps us to get frequent e-bio-maker input from our users for our deep learning.

  2. We provide earn opportunities for the medicos and other users on our CureSense Support Community for providing proper-helpful insights to the after-treatment patients in the group.

  3. We provide earn opportunities to our users for referring users to tests and for keeping their profile updated.

Spend Kin:

  1. Tip kin to medicos and other users on our CureSense Support Community for helping you with your recovery process by answering critical questions.

  2. Spend kin as a donation to our organization to conduct health camps in rural areas.

Technical references for our work:

  1. Tuberculosis screening using voice biomarkers, spectrum-analysis and deep learning:
  2. Heart-pulse detection using a mobile phone camera, flash and colorimetry:

How we built it

  1. Android, ML-AI Deep Learning, PS, AWS
  2. Kin SDK
  3. Interest to save millions of people

Challenges I ran into

Everything went on really smooth, there were a little bit of ups and downs but our team did it. :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. CureSense is supported and funded by the Government of Jharkhand and India. That's one big achievement we are proud of.
  2. We are in operation in 6 months and couldn't bring in the virality factor to our platform. But with Kin SDK, hope we would be able to motivate our users to monitor and stay safe.

What's next for CureSense

We are testing our algorithms and community locally in India. We want to take it to the global level where healthcare is ineffective in identifying diseases at an early stage and build a global community of medicos and patients who need support.

Once our remote TB detection algorithm is optimized for efficiency, probably we would be the game-changer in the health industry to eradicate TB.

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