Avian influenza, Cholera, MERS. These critical disease is coming from animals. How could we prevent it? How about use FLIR one thermal camera? This one will very effective for us.

What it does

"Cure Animal - Care your Animal with FLIR ONE" could save animal thermal image and share animal data such as location, temperature of environment, type of animal. Animal thermal image

How I built it

Use Android, Java, GoogleMap, and FLIR ONE(for android).

Challenges I ran into

Anderson : Manage project, Development.

Sol : Make documents and presentation, Design 3D modeling.

Somin : Make documents, Search & Analyze market.

What's next for "Cure Animal - Care your Animal with FLIR ONE"

In the near future, If this application connected to cloud server and analyze big data which contains animal temperature and location, then we could predict moving route of epidemics and prevent diseases. This means, FLIR ONE is necessary for Farmer, Department of agriculture and also animal drug company too.

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