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I have a huge interest in gaming. I’ve played a lot of games since I got my first pc. I’ve always found games to be a way for people of all ages to escape boredom. As someone who rarely gets bored, I’ve always been doing something. But when I started going through my old stuff, I felt a bit of nostalgia. Old happy memories kept coming back into my head like moths gathering towards the glowing lamp. It was then I decided to play my old games. I kept digging through my old stuff for CDs, which is where I had my games stored. Playing them made me realise that there’s more to games than graphics. Games give me joy and a good time. It was then I decided to recreate some of these classic games, even though I never played them, it was the fact I never played them that made me want to make this game. And with the help of my fellow teammate Sonnet, we managed to make a pretty cool game and a cool website.

What it does

The game depicts a time when COVID-19 has caused so much damage that humans have to flee Earth and look for a suitable planet to live on until we have found the vaccination to COVID-19.

How I built it

We've used the Visual Studio Code as the editor. We've used HTML, CSS and HTML to make the website as well as the game.

Challenges I ran into

The game had a lot of bugs at first with the ship not moving as we intended, the asteroids not moving at all, lasers not working, audio not working, explosions glitching out etc. The website had issues with the navigation menu and the fonts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participating in this hackathon! Finishing something that I thought I could never be able to do in 30 hours or less

What I learned

When you work as a team, you can accomplish any big task. It's teamwork and dedication that gets the job done. You need to be prepared for sacrifices and need to be good at making decisions.

What's next for Cure-19

A 3D version of the game made with Unity. (Yes, that's right, a whole new game from scratch.) Probably an AR version of the game.

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