1 What if you could open a pop-up shop wherever you were? Maybe you have cool stuff you want to sell, maybe you're raising money with a bake sale, or maybe you're trying to grow your food truck business. The traditional platforms for selling items require abundant back-and-forth communication and rigorous set-up. We at Unicorn Blessing aim to simplify the process of buying from people nearby. Our endeavor is to make the selling and discovery process easy for people who are interested in cool products.

What it does

2 The curbstore platform allows you to create an ephemeral pop-up shop from where you are and shop at curbstores nearby. As a store owner, you can instantly create a store, sell your products, and close up shop when you're done. As a shopper, you can find interesting pop-up stores nearby, buy cool products, and pick up your goods at that address.

How we built it

3 We used Radix's .store domain for our web platform, coded in Objective-C and JavaScript, used MapQuest for mapping and geocoding, and used Braintree's API for payment processing.

Challenges we ran into

4 Scarcity of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

5 We've built a platform on iOS for store owners to open pop-up shops and a web interface for people to shop at a curbstore nearby.

What we learned

6 We learned to work together under time constraints.

What's next for curbstore

7 We're building out the app with additional features, including user authentication, and will be creating a stable version for a beta testing audience. To market our platform, we'll use networks like Craigslist to lead potential users to our app. To monetize, we'll be taking a cut from each transaction that is made on our platform.

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