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CURBSIDED: Real time peer-to-peer specialist consults for NYP staff physicians and affiliates

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Care provider communication


CURBSIDED is a mobile application that makes it easy for physicians and advance practice providers to consult specialist physicians at NYP. Built on the stack that powers NYPConnect, a mobile tool built for communication across NYP's campuses, CURBSIDED will help NYP staff and affiliates have better access to its world-class specialist knowledge, while improving the speed and reliability of consult services.

CURBSIDED allows providers to easily access specialists through three channels:

  • Real Time Curbside Consult: The application will provide a mechanism to enhance the widely utilized informal "curbside" whereby physicians ask for quick guidance with patient care plans from specialist colleagues. Requesting physicians will be able to quickly select the correct specialist service then communicate either by phone call or messaging.

  • Formal Consult Request: The application allows a provider to request a formal bedside (or telemedicine) consultation from the correct specialty service via a form that is routed to an NYP Consult Coordinator. This workflow will allow for improved service speed and reliability, which will enhance patient care.

  • Transfer to NYP for Admission: For staff or community physicians who need a patient admitted to the NYP system, they will be able to rapidly connect with NYP Stat, the 24/7 Physician Access Center for patients who need admission.

Specific users of the system include:

  • Consult Requester: Any physician in the NYP ecosystem (either staff, affiliate or community) who wants access to NYP's world class specialists. Requesting physicians will be delighted by the ability to improve patient care with the help of their specialist colleagues. Our prototype for the Consult Requester-facing mobile app is included in our submission.

  • Specialist Consultant: A physician designated by an NYP specialty service to field inbound Curbside Consults or triage Formal Consult requests. This physician could be on the inpatient consult service, or off service (and even remote) assisting colleagues who need their help. The Specialist Consultants will enjoy the ability to more effectively triage inbound Curbside or Formal Consult requests. A Specialist Consultant mobile app will be developed, but the system can function without a dedicated app using mobile phone calls.

  • NYP Consult Coordinator: An administrative assistant who will monitor Formal Consult requests and ensure fantastic reliability and service levels. The NYP Consult Coordinator will also work with specialty services to designate the schedule of physicians who will be answering Curbside Consults. A screenshot of the workflow and ticketing system is provided in this submission.

The application naturally enhances the customer service level and professionalism among providers throughout NYP and its affiliates. Physicians requesting consults will be able to rate and provide immediate feedback regarding the quality of the consultative services. Likewise, the specialist consultants will be able to rate their interaction with the requester, creating a virtuous cycle. The NYP Consult Coordinator will be able to monitor and ensure the reliability of the consult system, while senior executives can monitor system analytics to help drive performance.

NYP will benefit from CURBSIDED in both volume and value based payment environments, especially as health systems consolidate through mergers, acquisitions and affiliations:

  • Volume: By providing better access and customer service to staff and affiliated community physicians, NYP will enhance it's leadership role as the leading regional quaternary referral center. Staff physicians will have an enhanced level of professional service from colleagues, and community physicians or affiliated hospitals will be more loyal from the better access to the world-class specialists of NYP - across the city, country or, eventually, world.

  • Value: Primary care providers will be able to increase the complexity of care that they can comfortably manage in the community by tapping into the knowledge of NYP specialists via CURBSIDED. This will enhance their ability to achieve the triple aim goals of improved access, increased quality and reduced cost. Additionally, they will have a seamless capability to refer to a higher level of care to provide their patients with the right care at the right time.


James Horowitz, MD - Dr. Horowitz is a board certified cardiologist who is an Assistant Attending at New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Campus and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is the Associate Director of the Cardiac Care Unit, runs the Pulmonary Embolism Advanced Care team, and is an expert in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Dr. Horowitz completed his internship, residency and fellowship at New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center, and was very fortunate to be a classmate of Dr. Groff (see below) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Adam Groff, MD, MBA - Dr. Groff is hospitalist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH, where he is an Assistant Professor at Geisel School of Medicine and at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. His primary role is as Chief Medical and Innovation Officer at BAYADA Home Health Care, the country's largest private provider of in-home medical services. He is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded Calibrater Health, a healthcare technology company, and co-founded GoHealth Urgent Care, a leader in health system urgent care joint ventures. Dr. Groff completed his residency at Dartmouth and his MD and MBA at the University of Pennsylvania, where he met the talented and entertaining Dr. Horowitz (see above). Notably, Dr. Groff learned how to use Sketch and Invision for this submission despite his debilitating medical degree.

Tim Dybvig - Mr. Dybvig is the CEO of Calibrater Health, a NYC-based healthcare technology company that uses patient and provider feedback combined with other data sources to drive process improvement and better patient experience via its intelligent workflow system. He has deep experience in product development and management both with technology companies in NYC and with a leading biotechnology company. Often called a "purple unicorn" by his co-founder, Dr. Groff, Tim is talented with programming, product, customer service, interacting with nurses and physicians, and general operations.

Marc W - Mr. W is a Full Stack Lead Engineer at Calibrater Health. His resume is full of acronyms regarding his programming and development experience. Dr. Groff recognizes the fact that he is a talented PHP and Python dev, and trusts Mr. Dybvig that his code is "elegant and bulletproof."


The Referring Consultant mobile app was built using Sketch and Invision. It can be accessed here:

A screenshot for the NYP Consult Coordinator is here:

The application can be built off of APIs built off of the NYPConnect services and will require limited 3rd party services.

Built With

  • invision
  • ldap
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