• We wanted to try food trucks in our local area but found it difficult to find out when they are open and where they are located. From our experiences, and industry vendors too, Google and Facebook struggle to process this kind of business due to their roaming nature, often providing inaccurate information to the customers seeking some tucker. (And a food van guy told us this too so its pretty legit...) So we decided to fix it.

What it does

Giving people a platform outside of social media to discover local street food in a simple to use interface requiring no log in, whilst still collecting discrete user data to enhance business profitability e.g times people are searching for street food, number of hits in certain locations, popular vans and other data with analytical capabilities. The application also feeds advertising revenue to local charities tackling hunger.

For the Customer of the Food Vendor it provides a one click solution to find the nearest street food vendors, along with information, and menus.

For the Van/Truck Owner it provides a simple platform to let people know of their location. Along with analytics.

For the Community it will contribute what money it can raise to local food charities.

How I built it

We combined our knowledge of programming in the android studio IDE with striking graphics and image design to create an aesthetically pleasing native android application. We followed googles material design guidelines to achieve this look for our project.

Programs: GIMP SHOTCUT Android Studio GitHub

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the layout with fragments, a programming construct that enables the mobile app to load fast and be responsive. This was challenging because alot of the tutorials and library code was not optimised for use in fragment views. Although this was frustrating at first it lead to a better looking overall front-end design.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Logo Design Overall aesthetic achieved through the colour palette. Simplicity of application both in design and concept. Positive reaction from Food Van Owner Tom to our application and his instant support. Implementing data structures into interface widgets that I haven't done previously. Accessing mobile services in the android operating system to add functionality to our app e.g interfacing with phone provider data to access GPS information.

What I learned

We have learned that we can work productively and efficiently as a team, this was an important part of this Hackathon to us as we did this to see how well we can combine our separate talents. Mat learned new video software today to edit the video.

What's next for CurbHunger

Firstly to take full ownership of our branding, we would not only like to satisfy your hunger when standing on a curb, but we want to make what difference we can to 'Curb Hunger' in a more meaningful way by supporting soup kitchens or similar projects in your local communities. By implementing minimal and non-intrusive advertising through google ad-sense we will be able to generate funds to donate to such causes and give back to the local communities for supporting their local businesses.

In the future we would also like to add the ability for a vendor to send notifications to app users if they are opening in a different location to usual, for example; South Coast Canteen Van is at Junction this weekend, they can send out a notification stating this on the Wednesday, and return customers will know they will not be in their usual location that weekend, and festival will know that they are about at the festival.

We would also like to add the following:

  1. Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian indicators, most likely in list view.
  2. Price indicator.
  3. Business logos on map.
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nfoote posted an update

Mat and myself met with Tom from South Coast Canteen food Van this afternoon, great chat about the app. gained some great insights into what we can do to improve the app for the users. We got great responses to design, simplicity of use and the apps concept.

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