Challenge - curbside violations

What it does

  • Intranet website
    • Input
    • Map
    • Stats
  • Postcards
    • Postcard automatically created for addresses that had violations
    • Can filter by number of violations
    • Postcard notes the date and type of violation, and has optional comments from pick-up crew
    • Handles edge cases of too many violations to fit on a card and empty violations records
    • Generates a single PDF containing all postcards from LaTeX
    • Has URL and QR code for site giving guidelines for putting out trash

How we built it

  • Open source
  • Microservices
  • Containers

Challenges we ran into

  • Excel files
  • docker on Mac
  • LaTeX for properly formatting card

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • simplified deployment with docker
  • tangible artifact -- printed cards

What we learned

  • docker + PostGIS
  • printing card is expensive and wastes lots of paper

What's next for Curb the Violations

  • fix hiccups
  • refactoring database
  • full integration
  • advanced web-based dashboard

Built With

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