Fostering active and engaged members is the core of any DAO. But while many DAOs have access to a sizeable treasury, the majority of DAO proposals are about monetary policy, either rewards or investments. But DAOs should also be able to invest in their community. Despite their importance, DAOs neglect both community building activities like marketing and newsletters as well as community education activities like onboarding videos and proposal analysis.

Specifically, commissioning proposal analysis solves a major problem for DAOs: the paradox of voting. To truly enable decentralized governance, we need rational and informed voters. Right now, many decentralized organizations are actually pretty centralized with a few actors with most of the governance tokens like VCs or the team. To encourage smaller players to become properly informed, it must be easy to become informed.

What it does

Your DAO submits a proposal to pay The Archaeologist program(smart contract) to produce some artifact. If the proposal passes, a post is added to our website and anyone can submit finished works. DAO members can upvote or downvote with quadratic voting to ensure its a public good. The most upvoted content receives the reward and great content is created for your DAO.

How we built it

For the backend, we used the Anchor framework in Rust and Solana's tool suite for developing Solana smart contracts.
For the frontend, we used Figma/React.

Challenges we ran into

We were both new to both DAOs and Solana. The first challenge was understanding Solana and DAOs to see a need. The major challenge was understanding enough about the web3 space to architecture our system and connect the different components since this wasn't an out of the box use case.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to work from ideation/design to deployment in one week.

What we learned

We identified DAOs main benefit is the ownership and diverse community that decentralized ownership creates. Rust, Anchor, Solana ecosytem, and so much more.

What's next for The Archaeologist

Making the program more robust.

Built With

  • daos
  • solana
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