We found that there was a Confluence page created with a collection of Slack post screenshots. We found it useful to have an app that could create such pages without taking screenshots and pasting them one by one, which is why we decided to make this app.

What it does

With this app, you can:

  • Display any post on any public channel in Slack in any order on the Confluence page. Intuitive arrangement by drag and drop
  • Insert headings and descriptions above and below posts to keep things organized
  • Add comments to each post as a Confluence user

This app gives you the following values

  • Source of the idea : Start discussions and develop into projects based on Slack posts displayed together
  • Visibility : In Slack, only channel participants see the content of posts, but Confluence makes it more visible to more people
  • Give context to chat : Slack is a chat tool, so it's easy to overwhelm large and small topics and fill them up. By consolidating posts and giving context and consolidating them in Confluence, it becomes a resource that can be used in the long term

How we built it

  • We developed this app on Heroku. Since it is necessary to refer to the information in Slack, this app was also registered as a Slack app
  • We built UI/UX with powerful and productive components (AtlasKit, react-beautiful-dnd) from Atlassian

Challenges we ran into

  • There were two versions of Slack's OAuth 2.0 authentication, and I had a hard time understanding
  • Integration of express environment and ReactJS environment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the help of react-beautiful-dnd, we were able to create an intuitive UI/UX

What we learned

  • How to use Slack API
  • The pros and cons of Forge. We learned them because we first tried implementing Forge
  • A method to build a prototype in a short period to maximize the appeal of a product

What's next for Slack Pinboard for Confluence

  • Enhanced search function
  • Enhanced editing functions
  • Allows you to incorporate more expressions on Slack such as reactions and images

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