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The current COVID-19 pandemic impacts everyone. Care taking facilities around the country are hit hard with a surge in the need of additional personnel to cover all the immediate needs of their residents. At the same time, these care taking facilities experience a significant loss of personnel resources due to employees being infected or being part of the population at risk. We aim to connect medical care professional with availability to institutions in need of additional support. Based on interviews conducted with various industry stakeholders and subject matter experts, the situation is expected to increase in impact. Hospitals will generate overflow, which will be directed towards care taking facilities, and the infection is expected to spread. At the same time, the state and industry bodies have implemented measures to re-activate a significant part of the care taking workforce out of their current duties or retirement.

What it does

The platform matches available personnel and volunteer workers to institutions looking for additional help and effectively works as a marketplace for supply and demand in the care taking space. We aim to cover both the key competencies of care taking facilities (medical and care professions) as well as supporting areas (administration, maintenance and facility management etc.). In the interest of flexibility, we aim at creating a scale-able and extensible platform which could be adopted to a wider range of use cases, beyond the care taking space.

How We built it

In cooperation with - a platform developed as part of the recent #WirVSVirus hackathon - we started building upon the available source code. Various interviews with stakeholders from both business and tech backgrounds guided our required features and the implementation in Python and the Django web framework.

Challenges We ran into

For all our team members, the medical and care taking area was new so we had to rely on our partners to truly understand their environment and the current impact of COVID-19. These discussions have further created a list of requirements, some of which were quite challenging such as the need to be able to 'vet' potential candidates as well as the related need to have qualified personnel.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Within the short two days, we have accomplished much both in regards to technical development as well as ecosystem setup:

  • setup of partner network with curaviva,, carreum, 89grad etc.
  • setup of scale-able and extensible platform
  • first steps towards a central platform to potentially aggregate the currently disparate environment

What's next for match4care

We are currently working on various further steps concerning the technical development (documented separately) and deployment as well as organisational and ownership topics:

  • Longterm hosting and maintenance likely to be provided by 89grad.
  • Ownership transfer to industry body. Curaviva has expressed interest in taking over the platform

After the design of the platform, we noticed that the name curaSWISS is already taken. We therefore decided to rename the project to match4care, however those changes are not yet reflected on the platform

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