The statistics on Parkinson’s disease (PD) show that the disorder affects more people than Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis combined. Parkinson’s affects up to 1 million people in the U.S. Doctors diagnose as many as 60,000 new cases each year . Curamobi aspires to simplify doctor patient interaction for people suffering from the Parkinson's . The disorder can't be cured and only be treated to help patients . Curamobi make this much more simpler and more cost effective as compared to the current measures out there for the same .

What it does

Tremors of a patient's hands are measured and corrected for the gravity quotient affecting the mobile device and is saved to the user's phone gallery . A normal , low intensity tremor results in a straight or relatively straight graph whereas people with a medium or severe attack can have a graph that's extremely distorted . Doctors can look into the graphs and treat patients online and suggest measures dynamically . A chat interface makes it easier for patients and / or well wishers of the patients to interact with doctors and thus simplify and speed up treatment .

How I built it

The severity of the onset is measured by means of the accelerometer of a android device and reports are saved to a folder in the gallery . The gravity co-efficient of variance is removed and raw reading is taken .

Challenges I ran into

Plotting the readings to a graph and saving the graph as an image to gallery were the major hurdles

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accuracy of the hand tremors , neglecting the gravity co-efficient is unmatched and makes consultation and treatment top notch .

Please turn subtitles on when watching the screencast on Youtube

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