The RBC challenge pushed us to target the future of the helpdesk. We realized that we could reverse the traditional user to helpdesk to solution pipeline, automating solutions directly to the user with integrations across various services.

What it does

Cura is an all-in-one solution for companies, automating tasks on their end using insights from their customers, generated across the customer's digital life. As it stands now, Cura is one part back-end automation of processes that would have traditionally required lengthy communication between users and companies, and another part browser extension which intelligently offers access to said automations.

How we built it

We created a chrome extension using Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript as well as a backend in Flask which manages the application's data. This backend, hosted on the Google Cloud, serves as an API for the front end and develops useful data from a user's activities, pushing them to the user through our chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into

Every member of our team had to learn various skills from scratch, including how to use Google Cloud, Chrome Extensions, Flask and Flutter. This turned out to be one of the greatest challenges, not only because each team member was building up their knowledge from nothing, but we then had to understand how to seamlessly combine these technologies together. We pursued various paths that never came to fruition, such as learning how to use Flutter while developing an android app, before realizing that an android app would not cohesively work towards our end goal.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of our ambition and determination when faced with these daunting and complex technologies, as well as the technicalities necessary to pull off the seamless connection of said technologies.

What's next for Cura

In the future, we imagine Cura to be integrated into the very fabric and infrastructure of the websites themselves, creating a space online that completely eliminates the existence of help desks, saving the consumers time, and the companies money. This would create an internet of preemptive services. Yesterday's future was an internet of connected things. Tomorrow's future is an internet of preemptive services that cater to your needs before issues can materialize. Cura is that future.

Ivey Challenge

Please consult the Google Drive attachment.

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