I was inspired to create a project for the open ended innovation track! I wanted to create something different than my usual projects and make something more silly and light-hearted. So, In the spirit of the "month of love", I decided to create a project dedicated to Valentine's Day!

What it does

CupidVerse's main feature is its poem generator! The user can input the name of their beloved, and a personalized poem will be produced. The user also has the option to craft their own unique poem directly on the site if they feel so inclined!

How we built it

The website itself is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To create the poem generating feature, I created a function that returned a string made up of a poem format and a series of different variables. To 'randomize' the poem, I made a series of different arrays and randomly picked an item from each of those arrays to act as the value of the variables in my poem string.

I designed my own graphics, logos, etc. using photo editing tools and Figma.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really happy with the UI/UX and appearance of my overall product! I explored a lot of new CSS capabilities and learned how to work with animations, sticky navigation bars, and styled buttons.

I haven't worked with JavaScript on my own in a while either, so this was a great learning experience to brush up on JS arrays!

What's next for Cupid Verse

In the future, I would be interested in creating more poem formats so the user can choose between different types of poetry! Specifically, I think it would be exciting to implement a rhyming scheme and use a rhyme API to try and make my verses sound more rhythmic!

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