As Cupertino strives to become more technologically advanced in industries and businesses, the idea of using modern database technology to connect people to community events and warnings seems practical from the perspective of a developer. This kind of product serves a rather general purpose with a potential of helping Cupertino.

What it does

On the client android side of this project, the user is able to see a Google Map that labels critical points within the community. These critical points can include high-traffic areas, crime reports, Cupertino community events, and weather disasters. The information collected by the Android device is sent to a PHP script which stores this information efficiently into a database.

How we built it

Using Android Google Map APIs, OpenShift, PHP, and MySQL database, we were able to produce the described comprehensive design according to our original inspiration. The Android side was coded using Android Studio and communicates with the custom-PHP API that interacts with the database.

Challenges we ran into

Like every team project, communication and organization naturally becomes very challenging to coordinate, and we had encountered numerous challenges along the way to achieve this. Since this is a computer science project, we had to edit the same program at the same time causing some conflict to occur.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For starters, the project working fundamentally was a success on our part, where our 13 hours of work was finally able to meet our expectations through all the challenges of falling asleep and coordinating. Making all the APIs work successfully in our programs is also a relatively small thing we are proud of doing.

What we learned

We all learned more about a common programming design of a multiple-client program interacting with a central server program. With the client program being used in a much higher quantity than the server side, the networking efficiency of the project became essential for its success.

What's next for Cupertino IntelliMaps

Since this hackathon was a limited amount of time, if our idea becomes a reality, we will have more time to further develop this idea and push the abilities of the project. So far, it is limited to only certain criterias like small traffic problems and organizing city events, but this can be improved to handle more important internal affairs in the community.

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