Borrowing a cup of sugar from neighbors.

While widely used as meet-cutes in cheesy movies, this kind of friendly dependence in communities hardly ever happens any more with the advent of technological convenience. How many of us actually know our neighbors? Our application takes this retro idea of asking your neighbors for help and puts it on an online platform to start bridging the social distance between those physically closest to us.

Everybody's had that moment where they're baking a cake or building a piece of furniture and they realize that they're missing that one thing - like a cup of sugar or a hammer - that will complete their project. What if someone two door's down has that one thing you need? Cup of Sugar allows a community to once again depend on each other for assistance. Imagine it's use on a college campus where most people are living in temporary residences and generally don't have their own personal toolkits, collection of spices etc.!

Say it's Friday night and I'm cooking Chicken tikka masala and I realize I need 2 teaspoons of cumin. As I don't normally cook with cumin it would suck to have to go to Fresh Grocer's to buy an entire bag. Instead what I can do is log onto Cup of Sugar and search for "cumin". Look, someone close by has cumin to spare, let me send him a notification through the app and go pick it up.

Another use case would be sharing tools like hammers, power drills etc. Many people, especially college students, don't have their own power tools but the need for them inevitably turns up in putting up shelves and building furniture. It wouldn't be feasible to buy your own hammer, power drill, level etc. but maybe someone down the hall or in the building or across the street has them. Use Cup of Sugar.

Ultimately we see this app being used by people in their everyday lives to save time, finish projects, and once again form close bonds with the community.

Cool stuff:

  1. search ordered by proximity
  2. push notifications when someone requests your item (email on the webapp)
  3. it's accessible both through web and an iOS app (we worked hard)
  4. it looks prettttyyyy awesome

Built with:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), Objective-C, Swift, Parse

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