With such a strong cafe culture in Montreal, I was inspired by my closest friends who cafe crawl (the art of going from one cafe to another) to build an app that allows them to find local independent cafes. Many app can provide names of cafes but they all fail to solve a critical problem: expectation.

I hear stories of friends who would trek across town to find that a cafe isn't suitable for studying; or that it doesn't provide ample outlet access; or that it doesn't do latte art. This leads to less productivity and ultimately, a waste of time. Cup N Spoon eliminates this issue and allows you to stay caffeinated while being productive.

What it does

Cup N Spoon finds the most ideal cafes nearby you according to a set of pre-selected categories: "Study Grind Edition", "Thanks a Brunch", "Today's Bored Meeting", and "Focus, Capture, Develop". Users can select cafes and view pertinent information to see if it suits his or her needs. Users can also complete a rating feature so that the app provides the most trendiest and up-to-date cafes for you.

How I built it

In conjunction with Yelp's API and Firebase, I built the app to seamlessly parse through both sets of databases to come up with the list of cafes according to different parameters. I used various UI Elements to build the UI. Main ones being UICollectionViews and UITableViews. UICollectionViews were used throughout the app to display the cafes and UITableViews to help display Yelp reviews. At it's heart is the Cafe class that contains unique information to each individual cafe. This information is used throughout the app so that user's are provide with this.

What I learned

Albeit a cliché, never give up.

What's next for Cup N Spoon - Discover Local Coffee Culture

I hope to collaborate with various cafes in the future in order to provide coffee lovers more information about their coffee options and roasters. While difficult at the moment, this information would be useful for users who appreciate the information about their coffee.

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