The CUNY school system is great. Absolutely fantastic ! Until it comes to picking the campus you want to be a part of. CUNY boasts 24 campuses and can be really frightening for potential students. Potential students usually do not have the immediate opportunity to speak to current students. According to the Board of Education, this interaction is necessary since studies have shown that relying on solely school counseling may not provide all the information needed to make good college choices or applying to college. CUNYQuest was created to alleviate some of the anxiety around making campus choices in CUNY.

What it does

CUNYQuest connects two audiences. The current student and the potential student. It is an environment where potential students can ask questions, which are answered by current students. Well, what about the current student? They are not left out. They too, can also ask questions which are answered by their peers.

How I built it

I used Android Studio for both backend and frontend. And Firebase to store and update the user's information and feed.

Challenges I ran into

Time was my biggest challenge. I have worked with Android Studio before, however, I am fairly new. Not all my functions worked at first, debugging took some very precious time, and also reading documentation and watching videos depleted my time piggybank.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project is half-way there and I am most proud of the fact that I worked on it by my lonesome.

What I learned

I learned several new aspects of Android Studio. And I learned about time management.

What's next for CUNYQuest

The goal is to extend beyond CUNY and apply to metro and urban college or university campuses.

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