People like us, students looking to connect and stay involved in the classroom. Sharing notes, creating study groups, and staying in the loop with relevant info.

What it does

Students find their class through the site and register for their classes. They then have access to all their class chatrooms and can utilize the chat to ask fellow students questions such as "Who has the notes from class today?" or "Anyone want to study for the midterm tomorrow at 2?".

How I built it

We prototyped the product using Adobe XD. The page was built using vanilla HTML and Java Script.

Challenges I ran into

Our team was made up of beginner yet enthusiastic coders. We built our website in javascript which we learned in one night. As first time coders, we worked hard to bring the live site up to the level of the design.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ultimately, we took an idea from conception to reality. We proved that CUNY students are tough as nails and can do anything they put their minds to.

What I learned

We took a crash course in Javascript, Firebase chat, and Adobe XD during the weekend. We learned that there is a lot to create for any site and are excited to learn more.

What's next for CUNYchat

CUNYchat is in its infant stage. We would love to increase functionality to include different study tools within the site, such as Quizlet, and a CUNY edition of Rate My Professor and have students talking with one another about all things school within our application.

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