We wanted to make the vaccine distribution very easy and simple to see for others to see. We wanted to know how many vaccines each state got. We were wondering if Biden’s 100 days 100 million person vaccination plan is achievable? We wondered how much longer we have to wait until a sense of normalcy and no Coronavirus

What it does

After you enter the state into the submission box it shows how many first and second doses of the vaccine your state go

How I built it

Flask and python for backend, HTML and CSS for front-end VSCode Atom

Challenges I ran into

Getting the API to work, the timing, there were only two data points so we could not make any assumption of the trend for vaccine distribution

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the API to work, Working with my friends to code, Doing something we felt was meaningful, getting some packages to work on different operating systems.

What I learned

How to incorporate python/flask for backend on the website, using git/GitHub the fancy git commands which make me feel like I know what I'm doing, We are all beginner hackathoners.

What's next for CUNY Hackathon 2021 Pfizer Vaccine spread

Make UX/UI easier for person, Make website more pretty, Utilizing the endpoints of the CDC API with Key, Using other APIs to make projections by the state on vaccination goals (including Moderna…), and to group people by characteristics, Present data in a graph using Pandas/Matplotlib.

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