My inspiration for this project was just the pressing issues that surround climate change and the lack of concise information filled sites on the topic. I wanted to build a site that allowed the user to interact with the information that they were learning about the topic. I don't have a lot of experience in building sites like this, especially with interactive aspects so I wanted to challenge myself in an area that I was already passionate about.

What it does:

It is a rather simple site that organized information on what climate change is, the history of how we recognized it and the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Right now it includes two interactive infographics, one is a timeline of major events related to climate change, and the other is a graph of the top 10 contras that contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. It is used mostly for education purposes on the topic of global warming and climate change.

How I built it:

I built it in different steps, making projects individually so that I could bring them together to add into my larger project. This allowed for each part of the site to have its own .css and .js files alongside it in order to format them correctly. I built each feature of it, the separate pages, on their own and tweaked them all until I had them as good as I thought I could get them. The languages I used were HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including one of each for almost all of the different pages. Although these aren't the languages I am most familiar with, I learned a lot about them building this site.

Challenges I ran into:

I ran into countless challenges along the way. With it being my first Hackathon I definitely didn't have a good grasp on the amount of coding I would be able to get done within the time-frame. There was more I wanted to include but when running into trouble with my first couple features I just ran out of time. I also ran into lots of problems with formatting all of the different aspects of the site into their respective places. One of the features I had the most trouble with was the navigation bar at the top, which was a great learning point of me now knowing that I need to work on making all the features link together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I'll be honest, I just started my coding journey last year so I'm pretty proud of everything I accomplished here. I had a lot of doubts along the way of whether or not I could come up with something and implement the features on my own. Not having help along the way was a challenge I wanted to put myself through to see how much I could push the creative juices to create something under a time constraint. I am really proud of all the features that I was able to include in the site and that I was able to get any of them up and running to be user interactive.

What I learned:

I learned so much about the implementations of user interactive features within a website. I also learned about how to link different pages to a site so that they are not all on one page, which is something I have been wanting to learn for a long time now. I really enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of the code that I used as well, and implementing it in more advanced ways than I have before. Since these aren't languages I have the most experience with, taking the time to use them on this site helped my learn a lot about them through experience.

What's next for Climate Change Information Site:

I really enjoyed the research that I put into the information on the site, and had tons of other ideas for other interactive infographics so I think I'll continue to work on it in my spare time and add those features. Although it doesn't serve a purpose other than spreading information, it was a great way to learn how to implement different variations of code so I'll continue to work with them to learn more.

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