Most people have a love and hate relationship with MTA. We love it because it will take us from almost anywhere in the 5 boroughs. However, sometimes services can be bad this creates an unhappy experience for the rider. More and more people are moving to NYC and this summer we had one of the worst times in MTA history. Accidents, delays and many more. 

So the problem my team and I are trying to solve is the feedback system for MTA. currently, the only way to submit feedback to MTA is by either writing a Mail, yes handwritten mail and mail it to MTA office. Or you can write an email. 99.99% of the people will NOT do any of that. Simply because it's too inconvenient and troublesome. Our solution to this problem is by creating a real-time interactive feedback system and we call it MTapp. There are many functions of this app. 

The first part is live feedback system. Every Monday to Friday morning and night I take the 7 train and bus to commute between home and school. In the morning the MTapp will send me a notification as to whether the trains are running properly if there's delay, the Mtapp will tell me to leave early. The status is being provided by the users before me that are on the same route. All you have to do it click the start button when you begin your trip. Once you arrive at your destination, you click End. There will be a feedback page (like the ones at the end of a UBER ride). you will rate the overall experience with the app and simple yes/no answers to questions. This will be saved to your user portfolio data like (Netflix users data). 

 The second part of MTapp is the ability to make complaints about subways and Subways stops. Users can upvote people's complains and the top ones will help MTA better understand what are the problems with the Train or train stops. 

The incentive to use the app is to have a better MTA experience for everyone and you can also earn subway points (not the footlong ones) for giving feedback, which can be exchanged for subway rides.

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