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The Origin Story

As a student, my least favorite activity every semester is registering for classes. I am actively trying to achieve my baccalaureate degree but I keep finding myself trying to re-decipher the degree plan to make sure I graduate in a timely manner. Sure, I could go see an adviser who is potentially helpful--but I don't believe in waiting on line for several hours for potential.

What's worse is, once I finally have the classes I want, selecting times for each class becomes a new problem similar to playing Sudoku. If the puzzle pieces don't fit in any combination, then I go back to step one and select different classes from the degree plan.

This process can take a lengthy amount of time and it really doesn't need to if it was managed more clearly in favor of the student and staying on track to graduate.

I seek to shake up what students expect from registration with my team and our project CUNY CourseBuddy.

Key Features

Provide a clear easy to read degree plan that keeps students on track.

Display an easy to read class schedule that makes students aware of time conflicts before attempting to register.

The need for in-person advisement is reduced and potentially eliminated.

How we built it

We used visual studio to manage our sql server and integrated web development into our solution using a healthy mix of the skills at our disposal (java, javascript, jquery, HTML5, CSS).

Challenges we ran into

Everyone on our team showed up as solo competitors. We all come from different backgrounds and have not previously worked with or even met each other prior. In spite of that, our diverse team rose to the challenge together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came together as a group, shared a vision of improving the way registration is for students and were able to present a demo of our project, CUNY CourseBuddy.

What we learned

In order to build this to replace the existing infrastructure we would need absolute access to CUNY databases.

What's next for CUNY CourseBuddy

The next logical step is to replace CUNYfirst.

To do that, we need the following support:

Full un-restricted access to CUNYfirst database.

A full-time paid team to deliver within one year.

Support from CUNY as a whole to make registration better for everyone.

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