Inspiration - Difficulties with CUNY Blackboard and how its awkward implementation inspired this project.

What it does - Our project will streamline the usage of blackboard on a more user friendly platform.

How we built it - We built our front end in raw HTML5, CSS3 and react, and our back end in mysql and java. We also used the Twilio API.

Challenges we ran into - Linking our back end and front end absolutely the hardest part of this project, as it took the most amount of man power, and the most effort.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are proud of our end result, and the opportunity to create a full stack web application.

What we learned - We learned more about how to implement full stack websites, and how to optimize front end and back end tech.

What's next for CUNY Smart Board - We hope to improve the performance, efficiency and visuals of CUNY Smart Board.

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