I developed Cultured as an educational resource with the goal of bolstering cultural appreciation. With it, one can learn to identify classical music, paintings, important historical figures, and become familiar with classic books. I've always believed that students are missing a huge part of modern culture by not understanding classics. Everything from modern literature to TV shows references Oliver Twist and Hamlet. I attend an arts school, and I was initially inspired when our piano teacher was playing classical music aloud. My friend asked me, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could hear a piece and just know it? Like, that's Beethoven's 5th!" And Cultured was born. Cultured not only targets millennials, it targets anyone who wants to develop deeper cultural appreciation. Something I am proud of is how interactive the app is. It's not like you're just reading stuff--you can listen to pieces, look at paintings, and take a quiz on what you learned. It's engaging.

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