Working in companies before, we felt that culture was something that was difficult to interpret. In most cases, our colleagues had a different impression of the culture than we did! We felt that there was no concrete method used by companies (especially newer ones) in cultivating the culture and with it an inclusive community.

What it does

Culture Shock Absorber allows employers to monitor the cultural fit of their employees to ensure that they are integrating well into the company culture. Simultaneously, it allows employees to better understand the company culture and adjust to their job roles better.

It is an app that provides a template for employers to create questionnaires for their employees to answer and send back to them. The app will then help to process the answers and rank employees according to their cultural fit. The compiled results are displayed on the dashboard for the employer to see and make decisions on how to help their employees better integrate into their company.

How we built it

Used React for the frontend, hosted on S3. We then setup the backend on a EC2 instance using ExpressJS. MongoDB was hosted on another EC2 instance and connected to our backend as well. Lambda function for analysis jobs were then declared and endpoints attached using Amazon API Gateway.


One challenge would be in the setting up of the AWS Lambda function to allow for processing of analytics jobs. Data needs to be sent to the function in an efficient manner in order to avoid excessive delays in analytics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Effective brainstorming sessions in terms of the idea and the app architecture. We were able to ideate quickly and pivot our idea as time went by to better address the problem statement and to make it a more robust application :)

What we learned

We learnt new full stack technologies such as React and ExpressJS through the creation of the application.

What's next for Culture Shock Absorber

We hope to complete the application and get some companies onboard to trial it. Maybe this will help to strengthen company culture in an uncertain and disjoint time such as this!

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