I'm an international student from Bangladesh, and it's always a fulfilling experience to meet people from both my own culture, religion, traditions, and country, as well as from other diverse communities and regions around the world. Seeking that connection has kept me feeling fulfilled through these meaningful bonds, but I found it difficult for everyone to talk about their culture without frantically searching through google to find photos to show to their friends. I, as an international student found it even more difficult to find members of my community in Rochester: so I realized it would be helpful to have a one-stop app dedicated to multicultural bonding through events, food, and other aspects of a sense of community.

This app is intended to promote unity amongst people especially during and an anticipated post-pandemic world as we continue to suffer from the emotional effects of social distancing: devoid of human interaction and physical presence, limited by the barrier of 6 feet.

What it does

** I wanted to build a platform where everyone from different cultures and regions regardless of their backgrounds can learn about each other, and also find information regarding each occasion such as food, beverages, clothing, music, films, shopping deals, and a social interactive feature to talk to another user on the platform to learn more about their culture; as well as events near them, or sorted by date. **

How we built it

Adobe Xd, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, javaScript Projected additions: React + Google Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Having only 7 hours between homework assignments and work shifts to actually work on this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being an international student myself, when I view this app from a user perspective, I'm proud to say that i would actually enjoy and look forward to using it.

What we learned

that User Journey arrows become a blur if you haven't slept for over 24 hours.

What's next for Culture Shock

Work with RIT Global Union to bring it to life :)

Built With

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