I teach organizational culture and communication to professionals. We always talk about how culture shapes communication and communication shapes culture. But companies collect data about them separately. That means they can't connect the two data sources.

What it does

The dashboard uses communication data (e.g., Slack) and culture data (e.g., survey, text analysis) and then draws a map of the team, much like a map of a city. Once you have a map, you know how to navigate the team. You can see how a cultural value shapes a team, just like features of a city (e.g., building, market place, river) shapes a city.

How I built it

It's still a demo. I used python to create the dashboard. The app is hosted on AWS. I'm learning (or was learning) django to build a proper site around the tool (instead of relying on no-code tools) and was getting my head around the slack API to pull data from slack. Link available upon request.

Challenges I ran into

Time and lack of knowledge. The messaging of the solution is also still too complicated. I'm solid on the data science part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the dashboard running and on AWS was a great experience.

What I learned

I can't do it alone.

What's next for Culture Map

Integration with communication tools is crucial. I'm focusing on slack as it is popular, but would also like to integrate with other tools.

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