Moving is stressful. But what if you were a child forced from your home by a natural disaster or by political unrest? In Syria, thousands of children have lost their homes because of war and have been forced to live in refugee camps as a result. Many are seeking asylum with their families in a new country without knowing the language or customs. We aim to ease the transition of this cultural shock with our multi-platform WebVR application: CulToure.

Our Goal

To provide a safe virtual space for vulnerable children - a space in which they can experience a new culture and start to become comfortable.

What It Does

Cultoure enables a refugee child to interact with a child in the new host country. Our two-way virtual sound enabled relationship builder will foster social connections while the children learn words in each other's language. This will prepare them to enter an immersive 360-degree worldview where they can experience each other's environment. We hope this introduction and playful interaction will help refugee children feel more secure when they arrive in their new country. We hope Cultoure will also increase racial tolerance and cultural understanding in the host population.


Team Lead

Amanda Mattson

Team Lead Phone

(339) 223-7492

Team Name

Cultoure (originally Leap Mind)

Team Members

Mischa Downing Johan Ospina Teogenes Moura Richard Isaacs


Web VR

Development Tools

HTML, Javascript, CSS, A-frame


A-Frame, web VR,


SketchFab, Node.js, GoogleTranslate


Lobo Loco ambient sound track: Tree of life ambient sound track:!/content/67920 Bed:


Bookshelf: estante_



Soccer Ball:

American Shakira Poster:

Syrian Shakira Poster:



Bed2: Bed2_3:




Cat: Cat3:

Syria floor TexturesCom_Floor sCheckerboard005 g USA floor TexturesCom_Woo dFine0051_1_seaml ess_S.jpg USA wall 22375516_1015942 8882875716_20917 45414_o.jpg Syria Wall 22375516_1015942 8882875716_20917 45414_o.jpg Cubemap of City Tokyo (used to represent Boston) https:// wiki/ %D0%A1%D1%84 %D0%B5%D1%80 %D0%B8%D1%87 %D0%B5%D1%81 %D0%BA%D0%B 0%D1%8F_%D0% BF%D0%B0%D0 %BD%D0%BE%D 1%80%D0%B0%D 0%BC%D0%B0

Cubemap of desert (to represent Syria) https:// /pin/ 3547289081231678 58/

Patricio Gonzalez Syria Flag art https:// listing/535800309/ syria-flag-printsyrian-flag-art-syria

USA Flag https:// featured/licenseplate-map-of-theunited-states-onburnt-orange-slabdesignturnpike.html Fine Art America



Components Not Created at Hackathon

all except translations

Built With

  • web-vr
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