Executive Summary

CultivRate provides an easy to use web-app for crew leaders to track worker attendance to OSHA mandated events throughout the day such as morning orientation, breaks, and lunches. The app also centralizes important announcements for use during orientation such as the day’s weather report and which fields are restricted due to pesticide spraying. The platform also provides the ability for farm owners to centralize documentation relating to crew leader First Aid/CPR certifications and documented emergency response procedures. Workers have access to this data and the site provides resource videos and links to report false reporting or abuse. The metrics derived from the data collected will constitute an OSHA compliance score for a farm, viewable by workers and OSHA to ensure accountability. Together, this overall score and digital documentation will provide substantiation to compliance with OSHA regulation.



Our web application will take on different views depending on the type of user that is logged in. If the user is a Farm Owner, then the application will take on a “Farm Administration” view where the farm owner can perform specific tasks that are only visible to him such as crew management, certificate updation, and update farm status. The second view, “Work Administration” will be available to crew leaders where they can perform tasks such as attendance management, view farm status, take notes, or call in emergency medical / fire / law enforcement services as needed. Also, the crew leaders data will validated through implicit sms messaging to farm workers at specified intervals where the farm workers can respond to a simple yes/no question about a particular data that was recorded to verify it’s truth. By using the crew leader data and validating it with the farm worker data we can score a farm in terms of its safety. This score will be available to labor associations in our application, with the objective of coordinating efforts to held the farm owners accountable for the working conditions. In addition, the farm owner can create OSHA status reports through our application to specify the current farm woking conditions and certificate requirements.


The project is being developed as a Web Application. For the backend server side of the application we will be using Django python package and standard CSS, HTML, JS bootstrap for the front end of the application.
The application will also use a PostgreSQL database with tables models which have explicit relationships. We want to to make our webapp to change through time dynamically so we can only show the important information depending on the time. At the same time we want to validate the data collected from the Crew leaders directly from the farm workers by asking them a quick question over SMS messages. This question will ask the farmworkers about the their breaks through SMS messages once a week or less frequently. We will use Twillio as a services to handle the survey for data validation over SMS messages.

The Mockup Views


Projected Challenges

Asynchronous data upload form crew leaders devices. User adoption from a paper system to a digital allocated one. Credibility as a digital document service for OSHA compliance.


By the end of the second round at 6AM Friday we plan to:

  • Create the database model for the webapp
  • Build the API to handle all operations on the webapp
  • Create the front end view and connect it to the API
  • Host our application on Heroku.
  • Keep track of changes by using github.

Team Lead

The team lead is Joseph Meneses. The skills will be divided as follows: Mitchell: Backend API and front end design. Atl: Backend API design and Database modeling design. Joseph: Backend API and front end design.

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