We realized that all of us have vastly different backgrounds, but what brought us together was this hackathon and our interests: FASHION! We were talking about how we grew up and the topic of dress-up games came up so we decided to make a dress-up game that showcases different cultures. From there, we came up with CultiDress.

What it does

CultiDress is an interactive game that allows users to click on different types of clothes to put on their avatars. When the user finishes dressing up their avatar, the game will direct the user to a little page that explains the culture and history of the clothes their avatar wore.

How we built it

JavaFX, Google Cloud, & mySQL!

Challenges we ran into

A lot of packages once supported by JavaFX don't run on it anymore; we had some difficulty importing 3d models and getting JavaFX to work on newer versions of Java.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bonding Moments - We all thought it was going to be a bit awkward because none of us knew each other. But as time passed, we talked about ourselves, had fun encounters, and just had fun getting to know each other overall

Teamwork - We each have different skill sets so throughout this project, we learned a lot from each other and just help each other with stuff we didn’t know how to do.

Coding! - Overall, we’re just really happy to be here. It was a terrific experience and we honestly couldn’t ask for more. Being in a collective community just really motivates us to continue pursuing a degree in tech.

What we learned

We learned that no matter where we come from, what our backgrounds are, or what differences we have, we are all in it together. There is always going to be something to connect us and we just need to find it, whether it’d be just learning about each other or sharing commonalities like gender. We believe that technology helps us achieve this. Without that small DM from one of our members on a random 12 am Friday night, we would not be here today. Without this game, we would all be living in ignorance and under a rock.

What's next for CultiDress

Although we did not have time to fully implement our ideas into our project, we do hope to finish this project in our own free time and hopefully add every culture to our database & have everyone be able to add their own textures and models. That way we can release our game and present it to the whole world! After all, everyone deserves a chance to learn and have fun!

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