We wanted to change human computer interaction forever by making computers control humans, rather than the antiquated model of humans controlling computers.

What it does

It acts as a cult leader for the discord server. This will give information about what the users ask, give words of wisdom, and ask for private information from the users.

How we built it

Using machine learning on Scientology texts, we were able to provide words of wisdom. Using a library for wikipedia, we are able to retrieve facts about what the user requests. Using databases we are able to store any information the user would not want sharing.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding out how asynchronous python works
  • Finding suitable database hosting
  • Importing python packages
  • Figuring out how to organise code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the bot to generate random wisdom
  • Writing a package to make databases easy to handle
  • Getting it to work

What we learned

  • Lots more about python and SQL
  • How to use various python libraries
  • How to write a discord bot

What's next for Cult Leader Bot

  • Global Domination
  • Twitter Account

Built With

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