There are many underprivileged youth in Washtenaw County that will never get to experience our local culinary scene. We believe that exceptional culinary experiences have the power to inspire and integrate the next generation of local food entrepreneurs, chefs and service industry professionals. However, underprivileged youth will never make that realization or experience the benefits that come with these experiences unless the community comes together to help them. Our mission is to inspire, teach, and help the underprivileged youth in our community how to become the next generation of chefs, food entrepreneurs, and service industry professionals in Washtenaw County.

What it does

Culinary Coin provides inspiring and educational culinary experiences to underprivileged youth in Washtenaw County.

We used blockchain when building our platform to provide a verifiable, transparent, and low-cost method of handling our charity funds, distributing funds to youth, and allowing our restaurant partners to exchange their Culinary Coin for USD. Our fund donors will benefit from this solution because they will know that their donations cannot be used for anything other than culinary experiences.

How we built it

We did customer discovery, created a scope, prioritized, and divided up tasks based on the skills of each team member.

Challenges we ran into

Limiting the scope of our ideas to something we could execute on in a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a program that works and is ready to pilot in Washtenaw County.

What we learned

We learned that it doesn't take much time to create something that will make a big impact and that A2Tech360 community could be the organization that sparks big improvements for the Washtenaw County community.

What's next for Culinary Coin

We will pilot the program with 9 students and 3 restaurants in Washtenaw County. After the pilot, we will write a blog post to share the results.

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