We noticed that most play-to-earn games are focused on PVP modes, and Cukies World is essentially the opposite.

Our main inspiration is Animal Crossing game. We decided to create the infinite archipelago: an open world that players can explore at their own pace and discover something new every day.

Players will chill in their islands, and slowly work on them to change their appearance, making them look exactly as they would like.

What it does

Cukies World is a Play-and-Earn game where each player will control a Cuki: an NFT representing the games’ main character.

Players can explore the infinite archipelago, collect resources, build new tools, craft special gems, learn new skills... the possibilities are endless!

As they play they will complete different missions and tasks to earn Gem Dust (GEMD), the internal token of the ecosystem.

Completing missions will also increase Cukies experience, allowing them to learn different mechanics to improve their skills. Cukies have 5 different skills that they can improve: miner, engineer, gatherer, farmer and scout.

How we built it

We are building Cukies World using Unreal Engine 4. Our main focus is on creating an immersive gaming experience, so users can feel a connection with the Cuki they are controlling, so they are eager to keep playing and learning more about Cukies World story.

We used one of the amazon web services, s3, to store all the information related to our NFTs (images, metadata, 3d models) that is currently being displayed in our marketplace. It's working great and we never had an issue. We are also implementing aws gaming solution prior to the game launch.

Challenges we ran into

Building a real game is not something that can be done in a couple of months, and crypto community tends to be quite impatient.

Since we started developing Cukies World ecosystem back in August 2021 we had to deal with this, which can be stressful sometimes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There are several things that we have achieved so far:

  • All 1st Gen NFTs (12,000) have been minted by our community (2,700+ holders).

  • We have developed a staking platform where users can stake their NFTs to earn Cuki Points.

  • To reward our early supporters, we developed a breeding platform where users can use their Original Cukies and their Cuki Points to breed a baby Cuki.

  • We have developed our own marketplace for Cukies NFTs, that will be used for in-game resources also once the game is launched.

  • Our team has grown to 20+ people now, with wide experience in different areas related to gaming, such as but not limited to: art design, illustration, animation, music & sound effects, modeling, p2e economy and game development.

  • We have created a bridge for NFTs between Tron and Binance Chain, that will allow us to reach more users that will be able to play games in Tron.

  • We have started the process to bridge to Polygon Network as the first step to become a multichain game.

  • We won 2 prizes in the Gamefi category in the Tron Hackathon: 3rd one in the judges voting, and the 4th one in the community voting.

  • We know how important the game lore is for gamers, and we are proud of the story we are building around Cukies World. Click here to watch the first video about Cukies’ story

  • We have already released an alpha demo version for PC so users can have a taste of how the game development is going.

What we learned

Crypto spaces moves quite fast, and developing something fast to follow a trend it's not the best thing to do. Our first idea was creating a click-to-earn game so the community could start "playing" and earning, and in the meantime develop the open world game that we are currently working on.

But we watched how most games trying to do the same were dying, and that's why we dismissed this idea and decided to take enough time to launch a final game that users would enjoy playing.

What's next for Cukies World

We have several things in our roadmap, these are the ones scheduled for the coming months:

  • Polygon bridge
  • Token sale and listing
  • Single player game launch
  • Cukies lending and scholarship program
  • Island NFTs offering
  • Cooperative game mode
+ 33 more
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