A concise description of our "Palette".......

The secret Umami flavour (Our Inspiration): The need to create a community of like-minded foodies where they come together to elevate each other's palettes with their rich flavourful experiences and connect people with similar tastes.

The main Salty component (What it does): It is a bot based on telegram platform that allows the user to key in the tastes and preferences of food. This information is stored in database. When another user keys in the same preference, the contact details as well as information about the person who started the cult is displayed to that person. In this way, people of the same tastes can come together and relive their experience of having fun while eating together.

The Hard(and Sour) part (How we built it): We built the app using telepot api. We used python as our programming language and designed the chatbot in the form of keying information in the form of buttons. We used emojize libraries to enhance the way chatbot interacts with the users. We connected it to the sqlite database to store user information.

The Bitter challenges (The obstacles we had to face): Initially, we had decided to build the bot that would also notify each group member if a new member is added, based on chat_id of each user. However, due to the time constraints, we were unable to implement it.

The Sweet sweet achievements (Accomplishments we're proud of and what we learned): We learnt how to use apis as a means to communicate information and the way of understanding documentation. Moreover, we learnt that the most important part of a hackathon is to not give up and stay strong throughout. It was a great learning experience.

Our Sixth flavour(What's next?): The future is to globalise the platform, connect people with a mutual interest in taste for every cuisine imaginable, make it location specific and take it to the next level.

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