The inspiration for this app was that we knew that the United States had a similar app, which served to be beneficial to its users. We decided to make one for Canada, specifically Ontario as the topic of child support is a very important and common thing that many parents and adults have to deal with.

What it does

The app allows a user to input their data regarding parental incomes and custody of children. From there, the user is directed to a summary page which provides a brief on the options that they selected previously. Lastly, the final calculation is performed which determines the financial place of one parent's monthly balance for payment of child support.

How we built it

We built the program using android-studio, which contained java and xml files to work with.

Challenges we ran into

Considering that this was the whole team's first time using android studio, it was difficult to navigate the program and completely understand how we wanted our functions to be executed. It was also a challenge to find the data for Ontario regarding child support logistics and statistics in order to produce the final calculation algorithm for child support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a working prototype for our app! We also managed to create a logo and background image to make the app more user-friendly rather than having a basic layout.

What we learned

We were able to learn a lot about how android studio works by implementing java and xml to produce a cohesive and functional application, as well as efficiently navigating the program in order to meet the deadline. We learned about the complexity that comes when calculating child support as there are many factors to take into account such as the child's time spent with each parent can determine whether who has (or both) custody of the child, thus impacting the ratio of payments.

What's next for cuHacks

We hope to one day expand this idea by implementing nearby locations (using maps) for lawyers in case users have questions that they want to address in a professional setting.

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