Percussive Phone

CUHackIt project Percussive Phone Authors: Pangur Brougham-Cook, Lawton Stalvey, and Gabrielle Cozart

Percussive Phone is an interactive musical experience built using JythonMusic, a free, open source environment built on Java API, using python syntax. A user can use their mobile phone to play and experience different percussive instruments. This interaction provides the user with an entertaining and easy way to make music without having to carry around multiple large instruments.

The app works when paired with the OSC controller app titled "TouchOSC" developed by Hexler Limited, which costs the user about $4. The user must input the IP Address and Port, provided in the console log of the program, to their app, and select the apps "Beatmachine" controller layout. once connected, the user shakes the phone as if hitting a percussion instrument and the phones accelerometer data will trigger a sound from the connected computer's speakers. The user may manipulate the instrument's dynamics using the blue fader on screen, and the instrument's pitch by using the yellow fader. The user is also presented with the option to change their instrument timber/sound (changing instruments) to 12 options provided through the purple pads located on the phone's screen.

This will give the user 12 different percussion instruments that they can fully manipulate in any way they wish to create their own unique musical experience that can be easily transported and carried around.

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