We are a team of two first year university students and high school students(grade ten and twelve). We were inspired buy become better at mobile development and react as well as the prizes. During the project we learned react-native and how to build a server and database with MongoDB and google cloud. We all learned how to make a full node app. We built our app with stress because we have two high school students one of our team members woke up at 5 in the morning to get a bus and we had a computer break. We had to learn how to style for mobile phones and the different sizes of phone.


First time doing a full react native application. (learned things like navigation) One of our laptops didn't work for the first hour, so he had to leave to get his other laptop. We stayed overnight to make sure it worked as we thought it was a very good idea.

Next Steps

Our next steps would be a credit system so that it will be easier to use polish the app better animation more, validation and style.

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