GradeAssist is a website that facilitates easier viewing and creation of tasks, building upon the functionalities of sites such as Google Classroom and Schoology. It was designed with teachers and students in mind, with simplicity, ease-of-use and functionality being its cornerstones of development. Quite often, with several classes per semester, it is easy for students to lose track of upcoming evaluations, work tasks and marks and we hope to address these issues with GradeAssist.

Our inspiration for GradeAssist stems from our Computer Science and Engineering teacher, who had expressed his discontent at the current mark recording system administered by the OCDSB (MAMA), as well as a general dislike for Google Classroom. To address our teacher's discontent, we decided to develop an integrated task and grade managing system (website-based) that our teacher could use as a replacement for the current system.

Using GradeAssist is quite simple: to begin, you can sign-in with Google which allows you to create a classroom (if you are a teacher/professor or in a leadership position on a team, this is necessary). After creating a classroom, you may invite students/peers to join (they will also be required to sign-in with Google). Within a classroom, you may create tasks and provide keywords for the task (for example, cosine+law) which will result in a link being displayed to a YouTube video should the student/individual require additional learning. Members of a classroom may unenroll from the classroom, and the creator may delete the classroom (if it is obsolete, outdated, etc.). In the future, our team hopes to have a spreadsheet where the student or teacher can add and view marks, with notes and an expansive level system.

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