We hit a pothole on the drive into Clemson and are really tired of them not being corrected. We thought there has to be a better to let Clemson University know about pot holes and various maintenance requests in. Even better, what if we had a crowd sourcing option to let Clemson know what we thought was more important.

What it does

CUFixIt allows users to take a photo of the grievance, automatically collect the coordinates of the event, and shows the recent postings for maintenance to fix.

How I built it

CUFixIt was built with Node.JS, phpMyAdmin, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

Data base management was the biggest issue on this project. Also, this was our team's first time using Node.JS for a serious project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a somewhat working mobile app.

What I learned

We decided we do not want to go into Web Development after graduation. We also learned how big of a pain data base management can be, how sometimes it may easier to build from the ground up instead of working from a template, and to always have fun while hacking away at new ideas.

What's next for CUFixIt

Getting a solid working, white-box tested prototype for a live demo!

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