Clemson University Fix It

This is a project for the CUHackIt Hackathon and we are also submitting for the cloud based project!

An application where people in Clemson can go to report any feedback they have about the university. They can see issues with facilities like a broken light, broken water fountain and then report it to the University Facilities for maintaince through one single application. They could also use it to give feedback to the univerity for things like making a building more accessible by attaching an image and description about the issue and submitting it to the accessibility counsil for work.

Currently the standard for submitting maintenance request to the University is long and tedious. The form is no easy to find online and there is a long set of directions on how to use it. We hope that CUFixIt can centralize request into one mobile application that is simple and easy to use.

Getting Started

We have developed a react-native mobile application for submitting the request to the university. Login to the add, upload or take a picture, add a description, select type of issue and description then you are ready to submit. Once someone has submitted a request the type of issue, building where the issue is, image they chose, and their user name will be submitted to the database. The application will then determine based off of the building and type of issue who to contact and will email the contact for that issue type with all of the information.


This api is accessible through Amazon ECS at Right now the api service sometimes shuts down and restarts. This does not have but a few seconds of downtime when it happens, but it makes the IP Address change. We could add some DNS resolution to make this not be an issue but we did not want to pay for a namespace yet for this project. I can check the new IP Address and keep it updated locally for the purpose of the demo.

HTTP request Description
GET / returns a hello world to check on API connection
GET /v1/getall returns a slice of all reuqest in the DB
POST /v1/submit submits a request from the json body
GET /v1/get/type/{type} returns a slice of all the request of type {type}
GET /v1/get/building/{building} returns a slice of all the request of building {building}
GET /v1/get/user/{user} returns a slice of all the request from user {user}

CUFixIt Database

We have created a database using Postgresql that is being hosted using Amazon RDS. This database can be accessed from your local terminal or application, but it connected to our Amazon ECS instance so that the API can interact with the database.

CUFixIt Image Store

We have created an image store using Amazon S3 in order to store all of the images coming from our users request. When they submit a valid form the image the selected or took is uploaded to S3 and the url or the location is stored into the DB.

Getting Started For Development

API Development

Start the docker containers by running docker-compose build and then docker-compose up.

React Development

Start the react-native app by running react-native run-ios.

Tools Used

Golang 1.9 Docker Container Image Postgresql Amazon Web Services RDS ECS Fargate EC2 S3 React Native Node.js XCode

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