Based on the books "Choose your Own Adventure", we decided to move the same concept to kids, adapting the language and stories, so the kids can be part of the adventures and encouraged them to read, because this will be more like a game to them.

What it does

The Skill is an interactive storyteller for kids. The main character is Buki, who is the one that guide you throught the skill. Kids could choose one of the three available stories. The flow of the story will change depending of the decisions and responses of the kids.

How we built it

First, we observe how the kids use Alexa and how they interact with the devices, that help us to understand that kids are also a big part of the Alexa users. We started creating multiple characters. These characters use different voices, so we used the SSML language to make it possible, because SSML allow us to module the voice, creating a bigger immersive voice experience.

Also, we decided to make use of the Alexa devices that include screen throught the APL, creating a multimodal experience in each story, but this doesn't limit the use of the skill in alexa devices that doesn't have screen.

Challenges we ran into

We had different challenges along the development of the project. We knew we wanted to create something for kids, and something that could be fun, but also useful, and the process to get to the final idea was hard. Also right now, living in this pandemic time, made impossible for the three of us to meet in person. At a technical level. We didn't have a huge knowledge about APL and how it worked. So we had to invest some time to understand it well and know how APL could helps us to get the skill that we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplish the creation of a skill with an idea in amazing short time. At the same time we've learned to work with SSML, and knowing that we got so much more to learn about it. We made a great teamwork, delegating specific task to each one and staying together in the whole process, generating new ideas to get the best result for the skill.

What we learned

We learn a lot about defining voices profile with SSML, and adjusting each sentence to get the best possible tone. We've managed to used and work with some of the APL functionalities that Alexa provides, and that help us to get the result that we expected at the begining of the project.

What's next for Cuentos de Buki

Cuentos de Buki are just the begining. In the same line, the skill will be completed with new stories and participative games, where learning new words are the spine column, so the kids can learn it's importance. And we wanted to make this skill multilanguage, so the kids all over the world can learn and have fun with Buki!

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