What it does

It searches for a water Bottle!

How we built it

We built it using a roomba, raspberrypi with a picamera, python, and Microsoft's Custom Vision

Challenges we ran into

Attaining wireless communications between the pi and all of our PCs was tricky. Implementing Microsoft's API was troublesome as well. A few hours before judging we exceeded the call volume for the API and were forced to create a new account to use the service. This meant re-training the AI and altering code, and loosing access to our higher accuracy recognition iterations during final tests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting the wireless networking to consistently. Surpassing challenges like framework indecision between IBM and Microsoft. We are proud of making things that lacked proper documentation, like the pi camera, work.

What we learned

How to use Github, train AI object recognition system using Microsoft APIs, write clean drivers

What's next for Cueball's New Pet

Learn to recognize other objects.

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