My friend wanted a app for people to queue up while waiting to play beer pong at a party

What it does:

You can host lobbies, and other users can join those lobbies using your lobby code. Once in a lobby, you will be notified when its your turn.

How I built it:

I've never done Go before so I took the chance to learn something new and make something slightly useful.

Challenges I ran into:

I didn't understand Go's template implementation at first. I first tried serving users customly generated static webpages before i realized what I could do with templates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I feel pretty confident using Go now. This is also the first web project i've worked on where I feel like i wasn't just guessing what I was doing. I felt competent.

What I learned:

Go! Also how to use session cookies to store important data and keep everything concurrent

What's next for Cue-Up:

Polish it up and get it into the hands of my friend. I'm excited to see what the beer pong players have to say about my app.

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