Hours and hours and weeks of brainstorming ... ending up doing the classic LED cube

What it does

64 LEDs soldered together by hand make up a beautiful 4x4 LED cube. Through our amazing coding skills, we make them light up and make different patterns. There are endless possibilities of what to display and how to display it, so this could be your projects forever.

How we built it

We spent a good amount of time learning how to solder and arrange the LEDs in layers. Each layer consists of 16 LEDS and then each layer builds a floor of the cube. At the end, we ended up with a "building" having floors, walls, and columns to control through the code.

Challenges we ran into

Our raspberry pi kept crashing. After even spending hours to reformat the sd card and asking multiple people to let us borrow their pi, we found out the problem was our power cable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It lights up 64 leds soldered together correctly

What we learned


What's next for Cubito

Make a bouncing ball to display Make the hackabull logo Be able to print text

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