video gaming is a booming billion-dollar industry that is expected to rise enormously in the following decade. The boundaries between gaming as leisure and profit-making activity have already become blurred.

However, in the current market, there are not many video games that give players a chance to earn decent money. We believe there is a huge opportunity in the market for video games with play-to-earn features.

Decentralized solutions guarantee transparency, fairness, privacy and safety. NFT takes ownership and uniqueness to the ultimate level. We want to bring Creative NFTs with great use case on Tron.

TronNFTmaker Inspiration : There are so many artists and creators out there who have good skills in designing and building communities but less technical knowledge in coding, and it's very hard for them to hire a developer at the initial stage, so we are here to help them in building their dream project or collection.

We faced some technical issues at the start of our project, and it took us so much time and effort to solve them, so we don't want any creators to face those issues.

What it does

CUBIE is a community-driven NFT GameFi platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. By using innovative tokenomics, utilizing finance and games. Website : link

We have created a unique yield farming mechanisms that puts your NFTs to work. By staking Cubies users can farm the $CUBE token.

Each CUBIE has a randomly generated hash power that can be upgraded by consuming other CUBIE NFTs. The total hash power is calculated by adding up the hash power of all your Cubies. The amount of $CUBE tokens mined is dependent on your weighted average of the total hash power across the platform.

The amount of $CUBE tokens released per day is also dependent on the total hash power across the platform.

Each Cubie NFT had a certain fixed amount of $CUBE token to it. User can burn their cubie(NFT) and get the $CUBE token Fixed to it.

TronNFTmaker is new product from Team cubie

TronNFTmaker will help projects in building TRC721 smart contracts, decentralized storage (store metadata), dashboard to monitor contracts, an NFT launch pad, an NFT staking contract, an APENFT marketplace listing and many more useful services at very affordable prices.

We are planning to charge projects in 3 ways (Choose any 1) :

1)Pay in TRX or USDT and we will use 50% of that to buy back and burn $CUBE.

2)If the project had a good reputation and community. they can airdrop their TRC20 Tokens and some NFTs for cubie holders

3)This is for new projects who haven't launched their collection yet. We will take some percentage (%) of minting sales and it will be used to buyback and burn $CUBE.

How we built it

We used New Technologies and creative designs to build our project. We took some super heroes and inspirational characters to design Cubie NFTs. Github Repo :

for TronNFTmaker We used solidity to Create smart contracts and IPFS,BTFS to store metadata. Easy to understand code. Fully decentralized project owner will have entire ownership of contract and metadata.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge is Time. We are trying our best to complete milestones and deliver perfect product.

For TronNFTmaker We haven't fully automated the process yet. For now, basic automation is done for creating NFT smart contracts and metadata uploading. We will make this fully automated in the future so anyone can create their own collection in a few minutes on our Dapp without contacting anyone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have more than 200 active community and we completed all our milestones from 2021 to Q1 2022 successfully.

• Season 1 TRONDAO Hackathon #2 winner NFT Category.

• Unique NFT staking contract where rewards are based on NFT attributes and rarity.

• Sold over 50% of Collection

• Grown an active and engaging community

• Launched our native token $CUBE

• Listing CUBE on

• Listed NFTs on APENFT Marketplace.

What we learned

Just Keep building innovative, Fun and useful products for people. Never Give Up

What's next for Cubie

Working on future milestones upgrading mining contract, play to earn 3D game, and bring value to users and investors.

• New unique 3D NFT collection

• Upgrading mining contract and Dapp user interface

• Play to earn 3D game

• Bring more value to users and investors.

• Fully automate TronNFTmaker and help creators in building their dream project

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